Saturday, 17 March 2012

What really matters?

(by Rishi Thaker)

How do we build things and make sure they stand the test of time? And why is that even important? I’m not really sure how philosophical an individual I am in comparison to you all but I’ll have a go at explaining myself. I have this yearning for the film making era of Stickmen Pictures to be a great period, even a ‘golden’ period if you all will humour me, in the history of cinema. This is a lofty ambition probably stated far too early in my journey but one I make no apologies for. When I stare into space and think about how I would direct the 28th, 29th and 30th Bond films or discuss the detail of the next Stickmen Pictures film with the legendary master Mr Quentin Tarantino (we all have our dreams)  I wonder how many of us actually believe something like that could happen? More over how many of us make the sacrifices to realise these dreams? There are probably a million reasons why we can’t get up and realise our dreams but I have decided for the time being to ignore those. I don’t know why I desire this greatness in movie making so much but I guess we all have that in some shape or form about something. I want to leave a legacy. Do you want to leave a legacy? May be that’s (in answer to the second question I asked at the beginning) why I want Stickmen Pictures to be so great so it can stand the test of time? I believe you only live once (unless you are Bond or Hindu) so a dedication to live that life and have something to show for it afterwards is a possible motivation. Ultimately I still after all these years don’t really know the answer but I will keep reflecting. However the first question I asked is a little easier. I think in order to build things you must have a clear idea of your aim and stay focused on that objective, rather like lego. And for it to stand the test of time, simply make sure that it comes from within and you’re not just doing it to please some greedy fat bastard. Bruce Springsteen will stand the test of time long after he’s finished. X-Factor (plus minions) will not. 

Finally, I want to finish on a note about some of the tragic images you may have seen over the last few weeks. From the bus crash in Switzerland which killed 28 individuals (most of them children) to the violence in the Middle East and Africa (you may have seen George Clooney trying to raise awareness for this when he was arrested for his protest at the Sudanese embassy) and pretty much everywhere people are losing or have lost their loved ones. However you deal with the impact of this sort of news I think it’s always important to keep discussing these issues and your perspective for resolutions with those you socialise with. I’m sure you all show empathy each time you hear of such tragedy and I would always encourage us all to keep on helping in whichever way we can.

I don’t think history should be forgotten and we should use the lessons we learn from this to help us build that path to our dreams.


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