Saturday, 3 March 2012

Silence is a Golden Statue

(by Rishi Thaker)

So here I am again trying to deliver on my promise to keep you interested.

Over the last week I have been labelled, amongst other things, as arrogant, a sell out, and a knob sack. Who would have thought a video log would have prompted such emotion? For those of you who don’t know, I definitely am arrogant and a knob sack. But a sell out? I guess only time will tell but I haven’t really had anything to sell yet so a bit puzzled by this one.

So on we go and in a week where after looking at the Stickmen Pictures site a few gazes were cast on Hollywood. You’ll have noticed that a silent film ‘The Artist’, a throwback/love letter to a more romantic period of cinema’s history was the toast of the Oscars. Rightly so in my opinion but rather than the homage I think what was wonderful to see was that even in this day and age a film with no words can tell the most compelling of stories. Dan and I have always been supporters of this kind of story telling. A few years ago we were watching our first short film ‘A Mid-Summer Nightmare’ at a busy venue in the background over a lot of conversation and we were surprised to see that despite not being able to hear it the story was quite clear.
This epiphany subsequently inspired the music video ‘The Chasist’ (watch it a few clicks away in the music video section if you haven’t done so you naughty individual!). We shot that film with the intention that if you could not hear the music you would still feel compelled to watch the whole 6 mins! This characteristic of the music video kept us from egg on our face when it premiered in Aug’09 on Derby’s Big Screen in the Market Place.
What we didn’t anticipate at the premier was a fun fair and really awful speakers which kept the viewers from being able to hear any of the music on the Chasist. But due to the great images and inspired performances it did not hamper the viewing but told us we got something right. This is something we’ve tried carrying into all other productions where it’s been appropriate and thus we have another great quirk of the Stickmen Pictures production style! So in theory you should be able to watch all our films without sound and still be absorbed. Go and try it!

Before I sign off I want to acknowledge all of you that have been tuning in to these blogs and video logs. It seems to have dramatically increased traffic on our sites (website and facebook) which is giving us great impetus in the development of Stickmen Pictures as a serious contender in the film market. We need this if we are going to make a difference at places like Cannes (which I will elaborate on more next blog – apologies I meant to do it this time!).

Thanks again and see you soon.


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