Wednesday, 5 December 2012

L.A. Blog 3

(by Rishi Thaker)

Rather aptly, I feel like I am already a quarter of the way along to my journey to Mordor. Not that I am depressed and of heavy heart like young Frodo was all the way through the Lord of the Rings, more that I have been here 3 months, this is an epic adventure for me and the weight of success does hang around my neck just like that ring. However, being here is just what I wanted even though the obstacles to that success are huge.  I guess the fact that the Hobbit is out next week just got me excited!

'Devil's Grip'
It’s good to see that while I am here everyone back home is busy and getting on with things. Dan gave me the news of the positive reception ‘Devil’s Grip’ received at the festival last month. If you went along then I’m sure you’ve spread the word and if you didn’t, find someone who did and receive the spread!

This month has seen an intense part of my scheduling executed as the follow up to the American Film Market has been non-stop. Hollywood, Burbank, Sunset Blvd, Santa Monica (etc…) no longer represent these mythical places with more history than Middle Earth as they are now regular stops. It’s funny how you build up such places on a pedestal and when it becomes your home you realise that you have every right to etch yourself here along with the most well-known celebrities on the planet. After all it’s only a place inhabited by humans and I’m just another one (no better, no worse).

It’s difficult to report on the exact work I am undertaking as I am going through a period which will determine the shape of my entire visit. To that end the better the quality of my output over the next couple of months, the more likely that success is going to come. For me the AFM was a great opportunity but the most important part of that opportunity is now in the aftermath. I hope to be able to give you significant news in the coming months but at the moment there’s work to be done (from writing scripts to building business plans to developing production strategies) and I am glad to be a part of it. Fingers crossed that it all comes together.

The weather here is still great (sorry). I can’t believe it’s December and it’s hotter here than at home in August! However what’s funny is that when it does rain here (which it did for once last week) everyone goes crazy. They all panic and the freeways jam up. What normally takes me 30 mins to drive took 2 hours because of the widespread panic from the locals. And it was for what we’d consider light rain. Hilarious now but not when you are sitting on the road waiting for them to figure out that their cars won’t break because of the water!

Today I’m taking a break in the evening and going to see Bruce Springsteen in concert here in LA. Those of you who have read previous blogs will now be rolling their eyes at the prospect of reading yet another series of paragraphs of why he is the greatest and no one else (yeah even Muhammed Ali). But I’ll stop there so you can stop rolling your eyes.

Christmas is around the corner and I hope you all have a great time this year. It’ll be weird sun-bathing on Christmas Day - sorry, too much?  I’ll also be watching Django Unchained which is released then too! Here’s to a great 2013 (provided the world doesn’t end before like some of you keep telling me). Keep smiling.



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