Monday 8 October 2012

L.A. Blog 1

(by Rishi Thaker)

Well I have been in the good old US and A (a la Borat) for 3 weeks now and I guess I’m due to give you guys an update. In a nutshell there have been meetings and sessions in Universal City, Studio City, Century City, Burbank and even Malibu.  I have met with industry professionals on ‘Slaughter is the Best Medicine’, financing for the next project and general networking.

Circus Road Films
Dan and I are glad to announce that Circus Road Films will be Stickmen Pictures' official Sales Agent representing ‘Slaughter’ for distribution in North America. This means that Circus Road will now take over duties to get ‘Slaughter’ out into distribution in North America. They have a great reputation for doing so with their portfolio and we believe that they are the right group of individuals to take our film forward. This has also opened up opportunities to find an international agent and we will continue to work in securing more deals for ‘Slaughter’.

October will see me preparing for the American Film Market (in early Nov), make some decisions about work experience offers I have, and continue to build my relationship with the money men of this world as we finalise what our next project will be. It’s still early days and there is a lot to learn in this place. LA is a fascinating place and if you want to find a way in film this has got to be the place to do it. However it can also be unforgiving so you’ve got to have your wits about you otherwise you’ll get steam rolled by the juggernaut of people trying to get ahead in this place. Amazing.

Outside of our film making aspirations I have managed to find a team to play ‘soccer’ (urgh!) for. The footballers here are very technical (most are South Americans) but not as physical as at home. I’ve somehow ended up being the most physical player on our side??? Those of you who have played with me will know how backward a statement that is.

The weather here is boiling. Has not dipped below 30 degrees celsius since I’ve been here.  Strangely it has motivated me to eat a lot of burgers (have had about 9 so far, that is almost 3 a week!). 

Finally, I’d like to wish my beautiful fiancé a happy anniversary. It’s been 6 years ago today since we decided to get together and ‘see what happens init’. What did ‘happen’ was a roller coaster of half a dozen years that we seemed to have packed in a lifetimes worth of enjoyment. Being with Asch is like sprinting naked through London during rush hour. Pulsating, much to dodge, lots of sights to catch and everyone can see what’s going on even if they don’t totally understand it. What a great 6 years and can’t wait to see what the next 6 bring. Thanks for everything Amika, you are truly the best.

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  1. I love you :)
    Happy Anniversary Rish, I miss you loads xx

    Remember life is nothing without music and films, I believe in all your efforts.

    "Dream the dream, hope to fly and Rise.
    Keep the faith, watch it materialise"