Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Ides of February

(by Rishi Thaker)

So here it is, 2 months into 2012 and I reckon it’s time to show you all my cards:

Firstly, I (and possibly Dan too but he’s a busy boy these days with all that CGI he has promised the world – no pressure) am going to be blogging more regularly (hopefully weekly at a minimum) so please tune in if you are interested to see where Stickmen Pictures is flying to next!

We recently completed shooting 2 new scenes for the juggernaut that is ‘Slaughter is the Best Medicine’ and have a couple more shoots on the agenda for March. The reason we are doing these new scenes is twofold:

1) Because we think it’s going to add even more to what we think is a great film
2) Ants in our pants (or in Laurence’s case – perished thongs)

I want to thank all the individuals who have dusted their boots and jumped on round 2 of the Slaughter Band Wagon, in particular a couple of additions to our cast in the form of Colin Murtagh (you terrorist) and the awesome Rob Reinaldo (my vote for the next Mr Universe!!!!!). We hope to have our additional scenes completed in time for…

…the Cannes Film Festival in May! More on this to come but I’ll be there this year so if you fancy it, book your flights and let’s ‘Slaughter’ everyone!

Finally does anyone know if General Melchitt in the final episode of ‘Blackadder Goes Fourth’ is actually being sly when he sends Captain Darling off to the front line or is he genuinely stupid for thinking this is what Darling wants? It only occurred to me recently that I don’t know the answer to this and on watching it again I am still unclear. If you know Mr Fry ask him for me!

Cheers Rishi

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